Total over betting strategy

Total over betting strategy

Today, there are many different sports betting strategies in the world, but only a few of them are really popular. One of these strategies is “total more”. It is much easier for players to place bets on TB, as every fan wants to see a spectacular and interesting game.

In this article, we will talk about the strategy of betting on “total more”. This system is widely used among bettors, as it is quite clear and bets can be made at any bookmaker’s office.

Symbols used in the article

  • TB-total more;
  • TM-total less;
  • IT-individual total;
  • 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. — indicates the odds of bookmakers.

What does total more in bets mean?

In the world of betting, the phrase “total more ” has a very simple explanation. The word ” total” (total) in English means “amount”. That is, a bet on total more actually means a bet on the number of points (goals, corners, sets, cards, fouls, etc.) more than the selected one. By the way, we recommend that you read about the individual total.

Most often, the total betting strategy is used more in football, and it is on the number of goals scored. For example, the “TB 0.5 ” bet means that teams will score one or more goals between them. At the same time, the “TB 1 “bet also means that the opponents will score at least one goal, but with one successful bet, the bet will be calculated with a coefficient of” 1.0 “(refund).

At the same time, the bet is calculated not after the end of the halftime/match, but immediately after the success of the event.

There are several types of total more bets on football:

  • normal total (TB 1, TB 2.5);
  • asian total (TB 1.25, TB 1.75);
  • three-way total (TM 3.0, TB 3.0-total with three outcomes).

To place a bet on total more, you need to find the corresponding section in the BC, which is usually highlighted separately, because total bets are very popular.

Description of total more strategies 0.5, 1.0, 1.5

Total more bets are quite often used in the world of betting. At the same time, many players use a variety of strategies to increase their chances of success.Next, we will discuss the main (most popular) strategies, based on football betting for example.

Total greater than 0.5

In football, it is not so often that matches end without scoring goals, but it is thoughtless to bet on ” TB 0.5 ” certainly not worth it. It is necessary to carefully choose fights even taking into account such a small total, otherwise you can go into negative territory. Moreover, the coefficients for “TB 0.5” rarely go beyond the level of “1.25”, which means that it will not be so easy to beat off one failure.

The strategy of betting on a total of more than 0.5 is to find matches in which opponents almost always act effectively. Most bettors use this strategy in live mode, waiting for more “delicious” odds. Here it is important to follow the progress of the meeting and not miss the moment.

Total greater than 1.0

Betting on a total of more than 1 should be carried out according to the same principles as “TB 0.5”. The only difference is that to win the bet, teams must score 2 or more goals. If there is one successful action in a match, the bet will be calculated using the coefficient “1.0”.

This type of strategy has the advantage of a higher coefficient, but you need at least two goals to win the bet.

Total more than 1.5

The strategy of betting on a total of more than 1.5 was described in the early 2010s and has not changed much since then. Of course, each player can redesign the system to suit their needs and desires, but the essence of selecting matches is the same:

  1. Choose high-scoring championships. The championships of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Australia are still more suitable.
  2. Don’t choose too low a ratio. The optimal coefficient for betting on “TB 1.5″ is ” 1.35” or higher. By a coefficient less than ” 1.2 ” and you should not make a bet at all, it is better to wait for higher quotes in live.
  3. And zbegayte matches with the championship leaders. It is better to bet on teams from 5th to 10th places in the standings, because such clubs play openly, while against the leaders all clubs will play cautiously.

If you think that the odds for betting on TB 1.5 are too small, then total bets over 2 are suitable for you. In fact, the risk remains at the same level, but the bet ratio will be noticeably higher.

With the right analysis and selection of matches, the total more than 1.5 strategy can generate some income, but only for a long distance. Based on the practice of professional bettors, you should not expect success in more than 70% of cases.